Custom Signature Songs

The Impact

With the power of music, lyrics, and emotion infused together, you can now have your very own radio quality song to share with the world on CD or MP3…written by Broadway Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Orgena Rose.

Giving a custom song to someone you love is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that literally touches people’s souls and moves them to tears and if you have a mission driven business, having your own song will take your marketing and branding to a whole new level! That’s why…

Find out why motivational speakers & best selling authors such as John Assaraf from “The Secret”, Lisa Sasevich, Loral Langemeier, Christian Mickelsen and Kendall Summerhawk, have all ordered their very own songs!

See why having your own song created by Orgena could be one of the most touching, inspiring, and memorable experiences of your life that you can cherish forever!

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  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Anniversary
  • Birthdays
  • Baby’s First Song
  • Your Love Story in a Song
  • Your First Dance to Your Own Song


  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Keynotes
  • Audio Jingle
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Apps Ringtones and More!


Hear What People Are Saying…

“Orgena’s amazing singing added tremendous value to my event…and her choice of material perfectly supported the message I wanted to give to my audience. Her soul and voice were a huge catalyst for helping attendees to step into their power. Orgena is a true professional!”  

– Kendall Summerhawk, Millionaire Marketing & Soul Coach        

Kendall’s Signature Song: “Believe” – Click to hear the recording!


JACKET -75                                             Ruth’s Signature Song: “Show Up” 

“Wow and Wow…the lyrics to the song you crafted for my event was OVER THE TOP beautiful…the  melody was fun, engaging and interactive and the sound was INCREDIBLE~~~ Thank you Orgena…can’t THANK YOU enough”Love Ruth Klein         Click here to listen now!


Listen to this powerful sample from the movie, Running On Empty Dreams and other music from Broadway Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Arranger, Orgena Rose

Orgena's CD Collage


I Will Rise

Break Free

Now Is the Time

Our Deepest Fear

Step Into Your Power