Voice Coaching Testimonials

Here’s what people are saying about Orgena Rose’s Empowering Music Logo-01


  “Orgena, I am so taken with your music! I have been listening to the CD you gave me, turning it up and singing along in the car. It keeps me positive and pumped!! I know that it would help my community in a very important way.” -Ginny McNinn


Kendall’s Signature Song: “Believe”


“Orgena’s amazing singing added tremendous value to my event…and her choice of material perfectly supported the message I wanted to give to my audience. Her soul and voice were a huge catalyst for helping attendees to step into their power. Orgena is a true professional!”Kendall Summerhawk  Click here to listen now!

or watch Orgena sing it LIVE at Kendall’s event


Ruth’s Signature Song: “Show Up” 

Click here to listen now


“Wow and Wow…the lyrics to the song you crafted for my event was OVER THE TOP beautiful…the  melody was fun, engaging and interactive and the sound was INCREDIBLE~~~ Thank you Orgena…can’t THANK YOU enough” – Love Ruth Klein

vshaw-200x250 Vanessa’s Signature Song: “Be Bold, Play Bigger”  

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“Words Truly cannot express how much this song “Be Bold, Play Bigger” means to me. I not only use it for my business but it encapsulates everything that I believe in! I love driving down the road singing along to it in my car!”- Vanessa Shaw


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